Material List


We Can Take

We Cannot Take


Containers #1 - #7

Plastic Bags, plastic wraping,


Aluminum or bi-metal
(or tin) cans
Aluminum foil, food trays, wire 
hangers, scrap metal of any kind


NO GLASS OF ANY KIND We are working on alternatives, but
there are no markets in the area

Sorting is no longer required - all material can go into a single container

We don't provide bins because it could prove to be wasteful. Paper bags, boxes, etc are fine. If you do get a bin of some kind, get a medium sized garbage can or storage container with a lid and mark it prominently with your address so it's not mistaken for garbage


Newsprint, office paper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, phone books,
shredded paper, cardboard product packaging, windowed envelopes,
paperback books, and hardback books (covers removed).
Avoid paper with a heavy moisture barrier, such as milk cartons, frozen food packages, dog food bags,  copier paper ream wraps, and pizza boxes.


Completely flatten cardboard boxes and place under or next to bins