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Phoenix Recycling now offers document scanning services.

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Go Paperless in 2012

There are several reasons to image your documents and the benefits could pay big dividends, depending on your industry and your use of current documents. It could literally save your business in the event of a disaster.

Phoenix Recycling has partnered with Modern Image to provide document scanning services. Modern Image is a document scanning provider for medical practices, financial service providers, and law firms, as well as government agencies and a wide variety of other businesses. They have an excellent track record and a long list of happy clients.


Government Policies - HIPAA, SOX, FOIA and FINRA - ask us what they mean and how they may affect your office. A medical practice in Maryland was fined $4.3 million in March of 2011 for not being able to produce charts in a timely manner. Electronice records could, literally save your organization.


Office Space Savings - Filing cabinets take up space that can be used more productively or if your lease is flexible, the space may not be needed. A filing cabinet may be costing you thousands of dollars per year. A business that devotes a potential exam room or an additional office to file storage is giving away money every month.


Efficiency - Every office has files and no matter how many you have, this can lead to inefficiency and can be a big waste of money. If your office relies on paper files, you are potentially devoting time each month to finding files, copying or scanning them, then shipping or emailing or even worse, courier the file. This is inefficient and can lead to errors. If you store records offsite, the savings will be substantial.


Security - Unless your organization has a fully implemented disaster recovery plan that includes digital backup of your files, it is likely your operations will be shut down by a disaster. Inc. magazine reported "that 75 percent of small and medium-sized businesses have no disaster recovery plan and that 40% never reopen after a disaster." According to market analyst firm, Gartner Group, "50 percent will go out of business within three years if lost data cannot be recovered within 24 hours." Don't let yourself become part of the wrong side of these statistics.


Telecommuting - With digital records, your employees can remain connected to the business and make good use of 'down' time. In the event of a disaster and possible relocation, your employees can continue to be productive and get the business reopened more quickly. 

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